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Well! I Am A Loser...
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Well! I Am A Loser...

I heard, when you are teen,
still learning what life rele means,
things look different, as if never seen.

I spend so much time thinkin',
didnt understand most of it, so started drinkin',
Lines on my forehead kept increasing.

I thought lifes so boring, i am so alone,
so many friends might show up, but not one uptil now has shown,
waited for a call, slept long back with forehead on my phone.

I thought maybe fault is mine,
World has changed so much in time,
I cried, am i rele waiting for my ninety-nine?

I buried myself in dark,
Thought why couldnt everything restart,
O God! ! Please help me or with a plate beside me i'll starve.

Once i was lucky and i met her,
She said, 'It so long i've seen you, where you were? '
I closed my eyes, turned my face and said, 'Well, I am a loser! '

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