Well, I Do.

What is this… in my throat –is it my heart beat?
In tunes of love, in tunes of satiating heat.
Am I in love? Is it this thing I feel?
Why now, how now.. Is it true? is it real?

Since we met, on the 20th of may,2009.
Secretly in my heart I wish you’d be mine.
But the words I never once could say.
For I did before and she walked away.
In all Milady, you are special to me.
I wish you'd be mine, for all eternity.
To you I say this that i say to very few.
With all my being, I say... I Love you, Boo.
In earnest I would like to make you my bride.
And forever I want us in love to always abide.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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