Hysterical mimesis,
in unison rhapsody life's dead march;
hopple thought to action,
humbly promote a despot's parch;
secernate soul from life,
pare note, crossed pelvic arch;
urge estate of the realm,
regnant res publica, demarche.

Dibbuk get mind,
suzerain elicit excogitation's restraint;
woe slaved masses fed,
truth died, human's sole complaint;
shadows weigh man's verity,
conscience gist's illuminate;
souls mull mind demesne,
reward, free thought abacinate.

Earth's perception chaos,
nation's speak, in covert tongue;
crassitude, mankind's conscious nyanza,
typified by Jung;
world is mourned cognizance,
vacuous of mind's Anschauung;
survival's slue lays vapid,
life from opulence is wrung.

Quest to trust providence,
from one above, to one aneath;
results in quantic callousness,
pity on future bequeath;
listless men, led by the beast,
light of love they loath;
figurative foible ritual,
clothe mind in shawl of sloth.

Entombed into greed's venom,
humanity blindly perseveres;
locked in purgatory,
face living as consequence austere;
taught by fiends,
that life without profit, is too severe;
peace slain, in all men,
above health, wealth is domineer.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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