Wendy Tap-Tap

A good impression, that's her game
Knowing no two people are the same.
So she goes about her way
Seeking a better fit, for what? Some would say.

Hair all askew
Nothing she can do.
Both hands committed to the task
(Can't see what she's thinking behind the mask.)

A bit of sweat upon her brow
Can't be bothered just now
For the time together is set,
Another minute yet.

Later, "tap-tap-tap, " she says
The contact between is sure to please
A glance, a smile, and it's all done
Time with her, wasn't it fun?

At last, she's happy standing there
Shoulders hunched to show the wear
Missed lunch again today
Not important, she will say.

The impression she hoped to make
Is finished, for goodness sake.


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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