AC (1 November 1989 / Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Wendy Was A Tool

These green tights do look good on me,
They say, it fits well can't you see.
I wake up everyday with a jingle
And till today I have tried to stay single.
Well today though, came in Wendy
I'm told she comes from a far away world, one real trendy.
When she came in though, I had a sudden urge to impress
I am a charming boy, so my charms I did stress.
I was trying to get your attention through this new girl
'Cause yesterday you ignored when I came down the curl.
I don't like it when you are petty
And use instead of pixie dust, confetti.
You short haired devil, like in those chic flicks
Now all green threw at me bricks.

But wait let me tell you, oh fool,
Am in love with you, and Wendy was just a tool

by Anish Cherian

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