Wepon Of Choice

Poem By gabby chamberland

my words are my weapons
the ones holding fast to this page
and with this sward
i choose to attack

those fist you wield
do no damage to my soul
no damage to my heart
and cause no harm to my entity
your weapon of choice
causes no pain to me

they cant scar my thoughts
my ideas
my chi
they bruise the skin
a replaceable coating
for the precious cargo inside
part of my being
you'll never touch
with those weapons of choice

these words that caress this page
you cant deny
you cant ignore
and you cant dismiss

its really because your hatred
for whom you are within
that's why you wield your fists
like this

the tint in your eyes
reveal the shift
my weapons of choice
have stabbed your heart

yet it keeps beating
pulsating the pain throughout your being
causing agony that will last a lifetime
and for the first time
the truth poisons your veins

its what you've been trying so hard
too keep asleep

but my words were the key
they opened your chest
and the savage beast set free

your fists
your weapons of choice
cant touch the strength inside of me

but my words
they leave no entry wounds
accept the change in your eyes
and they pierce your heart
in ways a sward could never dream

my weapons of choice
keep you alive
your heart beating
the punishment
i have bestowed
is a life sentence
of remembrance

so my words
are my weapons of choice
my words
are those you can never dismiss

Comments about Wepon Of Choice

great write you are good
amazing.. u r amazing.. i wish i had your talent
Very expressionate piece, you've written this well. Explore your soul, there's more to come im sure. Well done.

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