Were I To Lose Her Now

I met an old man
he ought to know
and he said,
"If you love her let her go."

You tell me, old man
to let her go.
Show me how
and I'll show you
furrows of joy.
Instead glands of sorrow
in awesome piles
of desperation
gather in vacant eyes.
I'll show you
taut gut clenched
in paroxysm of fear.

Stubble chinned booze
ticks time quicker
but stubborn cerebral lobe
is slow to join
in the rout;
instead - remembers.

Her golden gossamer threads
out and out, float in space
bind me secure
but a single snip
at her whim or will
severs me to
orbit as if unhinged
from this globe.
Just a raft beneath me
in screaming, rushing silence.

But she is here;
in her scent of neck hair
nose buried deep
safe to quell the sheer
gut twisting fear.

by Adrian Flett

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Powerfully moving, painted with such depth and heart! .. Ever so very many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...................+++++
Beautiful poem dear poet...... thanks
Well thought and written. Thanks for sharing.
Fine poem dear poet................
man he ought to know and he said, If you love her let her go.
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