Were I To Lose Her Now

I met an old man
he ought to know
and he said,
"If you love her let her go."

by Adrian Flett Click to read full poem

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Powerfully moving, painted with such depth and heart! .. Ever so very many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...................+++++
Beautiful poem dear poet...... thanks
Well thought and written. Thanks for sharing.
Fine poem dear poet................
man he ought to know and he said, If you love her let her go.
One of the best poems I have ever read that vividly depicted love and loss of love. Very touching and mesmerizing lines that touched the core of the heart. The penultimate and final stanzas are very moving. 10 and on to my Poem List. Congratulations for a well deserved POD.
gut twisting fear. thanks for sharing the poem with us
But she is here! ! There with her muse. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
This is a beautiful poem on love and dreams having touching expression. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
beautifully penned! congrats! 10++
Oh this is so well scripted deserves to be POD.....thanks for sharing.....10++++++
Show you furrows of joy, beautiful
An excellent choice for poem of the day - Adrian has a unique style.
I wrote this poem many years ago and it seems to resonate still.
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever, as Keats wrote and I cite him here for your creation, Adrian! A 10 and much much more you deserve. I so admired reading this time and again. Keats was right.
Such a loveliest verse to describe this love, the spirit wants to, but the flesh is too weak, I would say., Adrian. Well worded, and a fascinating read altogether. Congratulations on being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. Hurray and God´s Blessings in Abundance, Amen.
seized I the dream let the passion go out too far the blue shining morn comes as the new born dew as grasshopper on the grassy leaves and humming on my ear - seize not, grip not beauty born for free will come with ring knot combine you with happy! /// lovely loving poem
Adrian, such a splendid poem of the day. Congrats for being chosen.....10++++++++
A pretty poem obviously penned by one who knows love. A worthy pick for Member Poem of the Day! Congrats, Adrian
THe best poem I have read in weeks. You are the real deal. I am putting this on my fav list, you on my fav list, and showering this with thousands of 10's!