(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Were You Afraid I Would Leave You Behind?

You have spent a lifetime...
Trying to prevent my progress.
And the only thing you have displayed,
Is a willfulness to degrade yourself.

I have never sought your approval,
To be who I am.
I have always known me!
You, on the other hand...
Have been standing on my path for so long!
You couldn't know who you are,
If you have been preventing me from my journey!
Who are you?

I wouldn't stop to contemplate that now,
Or you would be totally left in darkness!
Were you afraid I would leave you behind?
And that is why,
All your time has been mine?

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Comments (3)

I'm seeing here, hope I'm getting it right, a struggle with our inner selves....never quite sure if we've chosen the right path.......anyhow, it's an excellent write...sometimes, most times to be truthful, it's hard to leave 'pieces' of ourselves behind.....~~~love, marci.xo
that's a very good poem i liked it i give it a ten! your a very good writer~hazel
shadow boxing with the alter ego of ones consciousness is another tough one to play by the ear.. very alarming introspection.. of ones self...