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Were You Ever At A Party

Were you ever at a party where you did feel out of place
Where you did feel an outsider and yours was a stranger's face
Where with those at the table you sat little in common you did share
Your experience not unusual and to say the least not rare

They seemed educated people sophisticated and well read
And they were talking of a subject that seemed way above your head
Something that did not interest you not one little bit at all
This is not the sort of party years from now you will recall

Every day in life a challenge always for us some new test
On what to you is a boring conversation you pretend to show interest
To excuse yourself and leave early does not seem proper so in their company you stay
Though every second spend with them seems a minute time does slowly tick away

You shake hands with them in parting with an inner sense of delight
Though you tell them how interesting you have helped to make my night
You feel glad that it is over such is life as some do say
In life there is some new challenge that we must face every day.

by Francis Duggan

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