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It is not my fault I am what I am
There was nothing I could do
That fateful night you changed my life
Just one bit that’s all it took

Now look at me in fear
When the moon is full
Changing into the beast
The hunger must be satisfied

O I dread the nights
The full moon looks so nice
But it triggers the change in me
Bringing out the beast! ! !

Remembering the next day
All that I have done
Seeing the fear on the faces of my pray
Through a red mist

The sorrow I feel rips at my heart
Knowing I have ripped flesh from the innocent
Some will suffer my fate
Other devoured to satisfy my hunger

O will there be no release from my torment?
Must I travel through life half man half beast?
Dreading the sight of the moon
As it sits in the heavens full of glory

There must be cure
But who can I ask
If they found out what I was
I would be locked up

Experimented on
Never to be free
Or as some freak in a cage
For people to come and see

But enough of my self pity
The moon is full
The hunger comes
Now I must hunt! ! ! ! !

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