Beyond fogged glass I compromised self,
lazing in the congruency of froth.
Admiring all that my genetic makeup has to offer.
Lovingly laundering Liberian loins.
Sponge soothingly scrubbing my Somalian shape.
Shampooing the hair of my Ugandan heritage.
Lathering with soaps smelling of Kenyan herb.
We cast away,
Calloused Algerian hands questing to find my slippery ambition through sud.
A collection of Benin bubbles gather in a downward stroll into rove camouflaging soma like coalescent Chameleons of condensation.
In this moment I am equal.
In this moment I am Namibian NAIAD.
our prominence reins kama moja
Red Sea rumbles and tributary Outlet runneth free
My curvaceous Cameroon slope scoured abetting in the Moroccan midst of mist.
Languidly parting the moist sheath-like curtain.
Semi-porous he slides onto my smooth Sudan land.
Effleurage begetting yearning until we're completely sanitized.
A trickle of foamy liquid flows forth.
Frolicking in my saline solution splashing playfully.
Dick riparian on the Botswanan Bay of my dangling shutters.
Aqueous Aromas of Angolia earnestly drift and swirls around us.
Drenched, in the Nile river rivulets of sodium hydroxide exacerbating between us.
What a melanoid mess we've made.
Rills crashing rushing into a cascading waterfall
we delve contentedly drowning in erogenous pond of ontology.
Relaxation taking all of me.
Attrition exfoliating my Ethiopian vessel. 
Lake washing away the clay and grime of our transgression.
Submerged in the water vapor of my wetland.
The harbors of our Comoros Complexion confluent.
Neural receptors doused until sogginess beguiles.
As we know cleanliness is next to godliness.
relentless waterfall merging our sentience, synapses deliquesced.
Let's shake the clouds 'til there was no more wetness in them
and cum in waves
Queen of Sheba Submerged in ablution,
our harbors linking earnestly let's get back our roots before African ever became American and our love was just as fluid as H20 itself. Who doesn't love

by Tsbiyah Bat Yah

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