(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Wet And On Foot

Your replacements have arrived!
Those of you who shucked and jived,
With shuffled shtick that got you stuck...
In a way of life endorsed by fat back chats,
And mental slaughter.

Boosted and juiced by a pride
Sautéed and simmering
In the bowels of disrespect...
That reflects no self regard!
None on this 'trip' packed or hiding!
Since most of it is dipped,
And frying in bubbling heated lard!

Now borders watched are breaking down...
To force laws be changed by the lawlessness,
Of intruders gaining ground.
Sought for cheap labor,
At high risk undertakings at stake.
And lost in recreation and creation of playgrounds,
Are those snacking on fat butts with claims...
They sit on stoops their forefathers sat to mingle!
The places where they sit,
Where no one seen handshakes with a goal to aim.

Bored are those with themselves today.
Wait they do for a mule to match their wits!
Something slow and prodding!
And easily done so they can handle it!

And black are the faces disgraced by pompous greed.
Manifested to breed and keep those lazy!
Those who come as they please...
And take what they choose.

The nests infested by bigoted interests,
Overflows with alien blues.
As a gamble to snatch resources under sands of time...
Becomes a sludge of useless surges!
With no addendums to dismantle the rights,
Of those protesting the wrongs of an open invitation!
Regardless if they do arrive wet and on foot...
To join others who throw soot,
In faces already blackened and disenfranchised!

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Good Golly Mister Lawrence, i do believe you have summed it all up...and with genius as usual! Best regards, friend, Theo