Wet Page

filled with pain
I watch the rain
as it falls down on me
here I go again
staring at my pen
wondering what my next words should be
I am never filled with joy
I live to annoy
everyone with my sorrow
no one understands
that I do what I can
to look forward to tomorrow
but it's not easy
to be me
and live my life of hurt
people fill my head
with 'be thankful you're not dead'
but I don't think that it would be worse
than the life I lead
my heart just bleeds
and my eyes are filled with tears
will there be a time
when I don't cry
can I get rid of all my fears
so here I go again
looking at my pen
not knowing what to write
I live in hell
everyone can tell
even though I try my best to hide
life is like a merry go round
with that irritating musical sound
I squeeze my eyes shut
I want something to come to mind
leaving everything behind
but my tears continue to cut
my face as they fall
to hell with it all
nothing ever will get better
I throw the pen down
to hell with writing now
as my page just keeps getting wetter

by Kay Allen

Comments (1)

the heart in the end heals itself and agony so real now somehow drifts like pure clouds far far away until creation does what it must do: give joy to the creator a fine poem