EB ( / Earth)

Whales Song

Stick head out sand
See where you are
Your existence owed to star
Ever since you come on scene
Everyone else in bad dream
Who the hell you think you are
Why you think in your mind
All exist for just mankind
Life form not unique to find
You know
Whale in sea come long time ago
You just pup
So why you think you one of a kind
Don’t even know how use your mind
All Earth and in it not yours too
Me here much long before you
Still will be when you’re gone through
You beginner
You very short lived
You not here long
You never understand whales song

Why each day you focus so narrow
With no purpose live out life
No look round
You dig and scrabble
Turn our planet into rubble
Fill the air with steam and trouble
No know Love
Just war and strife
That teach you nothing
You think that why you got life!
Can’t you see Life only function
Give insight
Get real
You got wrong big time man
Head in Sand
Want move up scale
Or you never understand
Song of whale

Teacher set you test that’s long
You need find where answers from
But be quick
Or soon all gone
So look in places answers found
No walk round just look at ground
Head in sand
Pathetic man
Dreaming what you got in hand
Breaking what not understand
Spoiling planet for us lot
You big blot!
On landscape
Soon like dinosaur go
For to all life Earth belong
We all here before you long
This our home too
Head in Sand
My song

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