What do you laugh for, my dear little friend?
I am sure love is around, but only for revenge.
What is this screaming for, I ask you all the time?
There is no real answer, why I do this rime.
I ask you again my friend, what kind of a revenge?
No answers in the air, there is no end.
What is the meaning, for this little rime?
I'd ask you this question twice, but there's no time.
Why do you push me over, like I am some kind of a maniac?
Just let me fall over, and I'll yell at you for that.
I am a bird in a cage, why can't I get out?
Well, the puppet on the string just makes me shout.
And all these questions, why do I ask?
I'm feeling a bit dizzy, for how long does it lasts?
Who is she now, the girl over there?
A memorie like an elephant, that is where.
I ask you know my friend, just for last.
What is the meaning, of this abnormal past?

by Camilla Fodgaard

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