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What A Beautiful Day
DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

What A Beautiful Day

Rain dances at the window seal,
getting my attention
as I read the newspaper by the evening fire.
Looking out,
I see the raindrops,
dripping from the leaves,
falling endless, one after another, to the ground.
Lying on the couch,
I look up at the ceiling and listen to the rain,
hammering it’s arithmetic beat at the rooftop
and relax into a slumbering sleep.
Awaking in the morning,
the sweet smell of the nights rain lingers in the air
and the sounds of the birds singing cheerfully from the trees
echo through the valley.
And from the door,
I capture the beauty of the suns rays
escaping from the heavens
to bring warmth to this beautiful day...

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