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What A Fool
TC ( / Mississippi)

What A Fool

Lately when I sit alone I find myself floating in that void between consciousness and unconsciousness.

It is there the thoughts of my existence and the decisions I have made helped me to build the graveyard of memories I possess.

When you love somebody you do things to show that love is brighter than the sun.

I was told only an only a fool believes the one who loves the less loves the best.

Or are you a fool if you do not believe.

I always wondered what loneliness my life would hold without love.

My Jesus teaches me the world is full of the walking dead.

That to live I must love life enough to be willing to give up life.

I feel as dead as the souls on this rock without Jesus.

What fool am I that hope for the future when my light has gone dim from your absence?

What fool could hope for flavor when the salt is outside of one’s grasp?

The silence I longed for has not brought me peace: only the cold emptiness of separation.

The Lord is my shepherd I should not want.

Yet foolish am I when a green pasture is not what I am hungry for.

What fool am I that waste the blessing of life chasing the carnal knowledge to the path of death?

It is true only fools fall in love.

Only a fool would sacrifice the sanctity of a peaceful soul for the fleeting seconds of a flesh filled desire.

As the inevitable pain from the stop; overwhelms our reality like the darkness of a solar eclipse after the falling ends.

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