CM (01-05-90 / Hawaii)

What A Gentleman Would Say

Every memory that we share;
writes a poem of trendy secrets about our lives,
spelling out your name next to mine with a star in between.

The nights we spent mindlessly
gazing into the sky, wondering what the future holds.
Now, I stand alone, thoughtfully starting through
my window, at the streetlamps below.
Remembering the girl whose face is on my wall.

If only I couyld erase you from my memories.
Covering my head with a blanket won't do any good.
You're occupying my mind with your skin.

As I try to be a perfect gentleman,
and say what is right. I find myself
struggling to make your fancy.

Still, I won't say that I would give the world for you;
maybe just an island or
maybe just a state.

Yet as I recall the night you bit my lip, and I kissed
your hand goodnight, I begin to wonder how much was left unsaid.

At a future point in time we may be able to walk down the halls of memory
with our frappe chinos in hand and discuss our new life that would soon begin.

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