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What A Great Friend (Not)
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What A Great Friend (Not)

Poem By courtney helm

My best friend who has been there for me the most has changed and now she leaves me out on things and is lieing and stuff

You hate people, who do this,
At least that’s what you said,
But you act like I don’t exist,
And that’s the same,
You think I’m going to stay?
To play this game?
Been there, done that,
Not going to stay and chat,
I’m not going to waste my time,
On your ugly, rude slime,
I’m moving on,
I’m going to be gone,
Finding someone else,
Too bad you didn’t learn yourself,
That you can’t mess around,
You have to learn the hard way,
It turns your day upside down,
I think it will be fun,
Now that I am done,
Let me tell you I don’t need you,
I thought it was you I could trust,
But screw that, screw you
Out of all people, you had to be like the rest,
I thought you were my best,
But now you’re excluding,
So now I’m finished,
Our friendship’s concluding,
Not going to be ignored,
It’s time to shut the door
And you might think I’ll fall on the floor,
But I’ve done this before,
What happened to love not war?

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Comments (2)

yes our friends do turn on us. but friends are like a bus, wait 30 min. and here comes another one. this was a good poem. but just hang in there.
very nicely written i wrote a poem with a simaler meaning its called 'goodbye'