What A Life

The sun rise, ending the frightful night
With it warmth comes,
To write a temporary smile on his face
The day so hot,
An angry sun's fuming heat
But for him tied to a particular post, it is hell
One step and another, again, again and again
Rushing to open the gate,
The angry sun begins to tire by itself, losing its powers
Hoping not to see him tomorrow
As the set nears, for him it's the dawn of fear
He knows inside him, real danger looms
Worse than the heat from the sun making him sweat
But night by itself with its quietness and echoes of insects,
Makes him sweat,
In his sleepless eyes is a picture
Closer to his heart are the people in the picture
When the sun finally says goodbye,
Welcome, says the moon
And the moon so silly and dim
But the angry sun is gone all the same, at least relieved of sweat
Only the smell reminds him of what the day was like
If he notices something, even his own shadow, he gets angry as the sun
Not his nature, but as an assurance of his life
Not even the property,
Because serving there is a way to fend for his loved ones
When night is gone, the smile is back hoping to see his family
To the surprise of the sun,
He is there again the next day
To the amusement of bosses,
He rests so little a time
Getting a peanut pay if compared to what he protects
What a life
But so it goes
Day and night

by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

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