A Poem Of Rain-Days And Rain-Nights

Poem By indira babbellapati

When we are committed,
with work and tasks
we have no time,
but, have the drive.

When the age is catching up,
and already fulfilled our duties,
we have lot of time,
but, have no drive.

When we are hungry,
the stomach rumbles.
when we have no penny,
it make us to tremble.

When we have money,
we may not have appetite,
what is the use of having money,
when the sickness is incurable?

When we are poor,
we feel the poverty,
we behave as human and
and live as human

When we are rich,
we fail to see the suffering,
we like to save much,
selfishness embraces the earthlings.

Comments about A Poem Of Rain-Days And Rain-Nights

i can't help but wonder where you 'stand' among humans. have money or not? sick or not? have drive or not? see the suffering or not? have tasks and work to do or not? i'd guess you have seen some suffering, have some money, are not deathly sick, have a bit of drive, and have some tasks and work. i DO hope you don't think that every rich person fails to see the suffering, though i suppose most wealthy people are, due to their life styles, not where they notice it so much. you give readers something worthy to think about. :) bri
Nice poem..writing style is good..

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