*** What A Load Of Jackson Pollocks!

After viewing a picture
painted by a modern painter
I came to the conclusion that...

It couldn't be a pudding
'cos it hadn't any sweetness.
And it couldn't be a building
'cos it hadn't any shape.

It couldn't be a garden
'cos it hadn't any beauty.
And it couldn't be an ocean
'cos it hadn't any depth.

It couldn't be a poem
'cos it had no rhyme nor reason.
And it couldn't be a lover
'cos it hadn't any soul.

But it could be a volcanoe
for it had as many colours.
Yet how could it
when it hadn't any warmth.

I was doing a line
at the time
and he took me
for a walk
up the garden path
although I didn't know it.

But ohhhh...the craft and art
of his loving.

by Pisapia Gina

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