What A Man I Was

What a man I was, now I’m left alone with only
The memory and the dream of the man I once had been;
And so, I’m sitting lonely, on my armchair, thinking solely
What a man I used to be

What a man I was, now whilst my soul is burning,
I can see the whole world turning without counting more on me;
And there’s just one thing only I can think, now I’m this lonely,
What a man I used to be

So I sit here reclined on my own with a cup of brandy in my hand
And the light of the candles burning.
As I look at the world through my window
And see it turning, turning, turning….

What a man I was, like those trees that now fade lonely,
Through which people pass by coldly and nobody stops to see;
As I see them wither lonely, a teardrop’s falling slowly
For the man I used to be

What a man I was, had the love, had the glory
Had the most amazing story, crossed the earth, the skies and seas.
And now I’m left just with only the pieces and debris
Of the man I used to be

But my eyes still are fixed on the window with velvet curtains opened wide
As the handles of the clock are turning.
And I, like the candles around me,
Am burning, burning, burning…

by Alvaro Jimenez

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Show what the man is now and don't give up fight and thinks
great! ! muy bonito! ! ! fantastico. y trizte. la gente olvida y sigue con su vida pero uno no se debe dejar olvidar porque al ultimo todo lo que tenemos somos nosotros mismos! ! ! me encanto su poema! ! !