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What A Mother Should Be
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What A Mother Should Be

Poem By carlisa smith

A mother is the one who loves you
A mother puts no drug above you
A mother will never make you cry
A mother will never make you want to die
A mother will help you fight your fears
A mother will help you stop your tears
A mother will keep you safe and sound
A mother will never let you down
A mother will daily say I love you
A mother won’t say I hate you
A mother won’t wish you were dead
A mother won’t forget what you said
A mother won’t close the door
A mother won’t let you be poor
Now I ask you, do you have a mother?
Cause’ I don’t, so don’t bother.

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Comments (14)

MY goodness gracious! The last line does it! makes this poem so much more meaningful!
i feal your pain in a way i cant say im trapt betwen 2 walls and now im suficating i wunt run away but im trapt betwen 2 walls dont give up becas one day god will see you throw
girl i wish that i had the guts to say tat to my mother cause that i show i feel about her too....the sad thing is that it toke my mother 15 years to see that she did me wrong and now she wants to be a mother, its hard but i am tryign to work through it....but i feel ya on this one great job.
carlissa, this poem is great. i can totally understand wher you are comming from. that is the same way that i feel. hang in there and just be strong about it. this poem is really good
Poignancy abounds in this poem.... but... there is hope, always believe that one day you will be able to put right those wrongs, whether it is with your own mother or when and if you become a mother, it will come, believe that. I adore your poem as it resonates for me, you wrote well. HG: -) xx