( / Derby, England)

What A Night

I'd been none stop working for twenty-four hours,
so I went home to get some much needed sleep.
After only 30 minutes my sleep was interrupted,
by hooting cars and my neighbour's Jeep.

Eventually it quietened down and I fell back to sleep,
but then a car back-fired and wakened me.
I reckoned that it was going to be one of those nights,
when I was not going to be allowed to sleep silently.

I got out of bed and took two paracetamol,
just to steady my unsettled state.
For quite some time I soundly slept like a baby,
until there was another noise outbreak.

Cats were screeching then dogs were barking.
People were shouting and going wild.
Music was blaring, blue lights were flashing,
and amidst all that there was a crying child.

It was now two hours after midnight,
and my sleeping outlook appeared bleak.
However, I buried my head in my pillow,
and thought I could sleep for a week.

At three o'clock in the morning,
a fire engine's alarm and flashing lights,
again woke me from my slumber,
this was one of my worst ever nights.

A chimney across the road was bellowing out fire,
and the residents were evacuated out.
Everyone seemed to be curtain twitching
to see what the commotion was about.

By five-fifteen peace and calm returned,
and I was just about to get back in bed.
but my alarm went off to wake me up,
so I had to have breakfast instead.

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