What A Pain

Poem By Christian Ndukwe

Of all ships the best ship is friendship
As you cruise upon the sea with soft music sound
You feel the soft ocean breeze, the warmth of the sun
Your pains begin to heal as someone seems to care
You forgets you can't even swim, the ship covers your flaws

Your became as free as air, pretense poured into the sea
You say your mind freely and enjoy the echo of it
Watching life from serene plane, nature inspires you more
You experience great happiness that no word can describe
You forget how great your initial fear of entering the ship

Life makes great sense with someone who cares
Someone who understands and overlooks your faults
Time comes when you forget that boats can sink
You wish the journey would never ever end

Never knew the soft ocean breeze can turn to storm
Never knew the cool music can become a terrifying sound
When the storm and waves arose so high and things fall apart
As you watch yourself suffocate you wish it never begun
Tears fill your eyes as you long for your life outside the ship
Now you wish you never entered a boat in your life.

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