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What A Rebel......Not

You think you're such a rebel, with that smoke resting in your hand
But you're an obsequious slave to an inner command
When you awake each morning, you're ordered to light up
And you would never disobey, you're a very obedient little pup

Then a short time later, this command to you is repeated
Drag deeply, I'll give you pleasure which is meted
In miniscule doses, I hold a very tight rein
Dare to disobey me, and you will have to explain

Explain to me why you have not lit up that fag, you dared
Oh, it's bad for your health, well tell someone who cares
Don't give me weak excuses that it takes up lots of money
You smoke it now, right now, you silly little bunny

You think you'll wait until tomorrow to break free
Ha! Not a chance, you will only take orders from me
And when I say light up a smoke, you'll just respond meekly with a nod
I don't want to have to get out my electric cattle prod

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I'm no rebel, I'm a faithful slave to Cigarettes. I will light up as I awaken. I'll never disobey. I'm an obedient pup, I'll drag deeper and deeper for you, and thank you for the pleasure you give. I'll light up whenever you ask, even if it costs my health and money. You'll never need a cattle prod, because I'm so loyal, I'll smoke even when you don't ask me. I'll go above and beyond, chain smoking, doing everything in my power to serve you, and your desire to destroy me. You own me, my heavenly cigarettes.