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What A To Do.
AW (A Long while ago / England)

What A To Do.

There was a to do
when elephant went moo
and the spoon ran away with the dog
for the cow was alone
with no-one at home
and sky it was raining fog.

Now the dog and the spoon
Were on honeymoon
Laughter it fell like rain
Then a twist and a crack
Saw spoon on her back
And dog he was creased in pain

The cow and the dish
Had fulfilled their wish
To see those two in pain
And the dog and the spoon
Journeyed to the moon,
And were never seen again

Now the cow and the dish
Where in their canoe,
Throwing weighted bread to the fish
When elephant let out the mother of all Moo’s!
And caught the them unawares
With a splonk! , splat! , splash!
They were gone in a flash

The tale I tell is true, of what a to do
When elephant did mother, the mother of all moo’s
This warning I share, as if I could care,
never spite, nor spoil what’s new
for the love of a spoon, the dogs on the moon
and the cow and the dish…….do feed the fish.

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