What A Word "Mother" Refers

Poem By Himasri Barman

Such a beautiful word
Great bonding with Childs
Who easily sacrifice her all things for others
She is the one who always worries about her family
Without her everyone is incomplete
So just imagine a picture
A home without windows
A life without dreams, goals
Sometimes when I see in dark sky
That time mother looks like the MOON
When I notice in the sunny sky
That time mother looks like the SUN
Yes, sometimes she become very rough
But there is always a hidden love in her heart.
Let's try to give her all the happiness what she deserves truly…..

Comments about What A Word "Mother" Refers

Thank you soo much my dear friends.u people always encourage me to do work.thanks a lot Neptune, Kumarmani, Chinedu… Tkcr all
It is a great metaphorical poem related to mother having nice presentation. The line that I appricated most is... But there is always a hidden love in her heart. This poem is too a great tribute to mothers. Thanks for sharing such a diamond piece. .... 10
As soft as mothers' love. The essence and intricacies of motherhood are aptly captured in the poem. A beautiful tribute to all mums. Thanks for sharing.
You are a great poet.Your poetry holds the feelings of human life.It is expressed beautifully keep writing and sharing.

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