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What About.....?
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

What About.....?


What about me?
What about the feelings I have?
The wonders of my mind
The great things I know that can happen
What about the innocent?
Can I not try to help, help the poor people
What about the little ones?
Can I not try to save them
I have dreams to
Not only I have dreams
I want to help the world, I want to change it
I don't care for the money
I just wanna help
What about the animals?
The wild ones and tame ones
They have feelings like you and I
What about the the environment?
It's God's land where living on
We should clean it and let it shine
What can I do to help?
All I want is to help the innocent
The poor, the creatures, the trees and air.
I don't want the money
I don't want anything but a
Good feeling inside of my heart
Seeing the faces of innocent little children be happy

Written on 12-27-06

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