What About If...

What do you do when cure becomes a poison?
What about if remedies don't remedize?
What about if people run out of reasons?
What if your judgement and thoughts are paralyzed?

What do you do when you can't find a happy place?
How will you get there and no help from MapQuest?
What if God forgets the sending of his grace?
Where would you go and finally get some rest?

What if all the songs of therapy...
Along with joys of anything...
Fades and you can't see them no more?
Where do you find a song to sing?
What's to look forward tomorrow for?

What can get you out of your bed
So that you can feel the sunshine?
What can get you running
So that you can feel the rain down your spine?

What can answer all these questions?
Why can't you answer me at all?
What don't I have a full, straight answer? ---translation of audience
Why are you just watching me fall?

I'm waiting for your reply
And changing my audience.
I was speaking to the world at first...
But now you're the ambiance.

I doubt you'll even read this..
You won't waste your time..
Why didn't I see this before?
Why did you waste mine?

You said 'Love sucks'...
But you force yourself a happiness.
Tell me what you wanna say...
I know from the electricity of your presence.
You have something big to say,
But you can't find your voice.
Are you scared of my response?
Do you have any other choice?

To let true love left unspoken..
Is the quickest way to a heavy heart.
Maybe this crap isn't all that worth it..
Maybe changing is an art.

I don't wanna waste my time anymore.
I'd rather be tuned to other people thoughts,
It's better than being choked in mine.
It's not worth it that I fought.

by Grace Pasco

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