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What About Me
(1976 / USA)

What About Me

How is it that everyone knows what I need?
How can they know, when I have no idea
What with which to fill this large aching void?
They say that they love me, but cannot
Because they have not what I need
What is this thing I need
This thing they see so clearly?
They speak of failing me
They worry they will hurt me,
They can’t give me what I desire
Like these things are strangers to me
What about me?
I don’t know. I am lost and confused.
I don’t know what I need; I know what I have
I know what I think
I love them, and I need them.
They speak of my pain like it doesn’t exist,
It isn’t real unless they give me this gift.
But it already exists… it is a living being.
The pain, it has taken over me.
I am a shadow, an echo of who I was.
They hint of who I am…
How can they know this
When not even I do?
They hint about leaving me
Because of so many things:
They will fail me; they will hurt me;
They can’t give me what I need
Or what I deserve… safety
And so I will lose them
In the name of protection,
Misguided by love.
How can they not realize
This will be the death of me?
I need to love and be loved
But they would deny me this…
For my safety, and my happiness…
What about me?

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Comments (2)

You express yourself so beautifully, it leaves me near speechless. You are loved, and by women whom would never dream of leaving you now. To do so would be a nightmare.
You'll be ok! There's nothing like a fresh dose of reality. Nice poem. L