RD (October 4,1954 / Seattle, Washington)

What About The Children?

What about the children living in the United States of America today?
Will they consistently be afraid?
Will they be able to pray?
Will they be told to confine
their religious belief's behind closed doors?

Will be executed for their faith,
in their LORD and savior- Jesus Christ?
Will be hiding behind closed doors?
Will they be marched off to prisons,
or to concentration slavery work camps?

Is it much too late to prevent the
children from being declared 'enemies of the state.'
Will they be attacked on the college campus or on
cities streets?

Will their enemies believe they are keeping the peace?
Will there be any clothes to wear or food to eat?
Will they be able to have shoes to wear on their feet?

Will they have homes to live in, and place to lay
their heads in their own beds?

Will religious warfare erupt on our shores?
Will martial law be declared?
Will they have to live a constant state of fear?

by Roxanne Dubarry

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