What About You?

Many nights I lay in bed,
Contemplating suicide,
Wishing I were dead.

Then I think of you,
And wonder what kinds of crazy things would you do?
Would you commit suicide, too?

How would that affect your mind?
Would everything sneak up from behind,
And eat at your soul and make you blind?

Would you be mad and curse my name?
Or would you be sad and give in to the pain?
You’d probably feel helpless,
And find there’s nothing left to gain.

I worry for you,
Although I don’t think you do for me.
But maybe I am mistaken
And your heart truly does ache.

If I take my life away,
Will you live another day?

by Amber Zitzloff

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I agree with the suicide your palm I love my suicide will be noticed sign in my way to kill myself
I... that has true meaning to me i really enjoy your poems