WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

What Am I

I am the one that light cannot escape
I rip organic things from atom to atom
I am the beginning and the end
I devour time and worlds

I am death to everything
I was there in the beginning
I will be there when it all ends
I give and then take it all away
I am black as the darkest night

My core is so dense that a teaspoon weights more than the planet earth
I am so strong that light cannot escape me
I am gravity gone wild
I am super and colossal

My hunger cannot be quenched
I am the fire that burns to ashes
I feed on all things great and small
I am the harbinger of things to come
I build and then destroy

My vastness cannot be calculated
I spin everything around
I will make you and then break you
I am the darkness

I am all things and everything
You cannot resist my pull
I cannot be overcome
I am death to all stars
I am dynamic in motion

I am the force that makes worlds collide
I bring it all together just to tear it all apart
I have no emotions nor do I have any fears
I give just to take it away again

I am the reaper of matter dark and light
I am futility incarnate
I am fear with a dark heart
I know no compassion

I cannot be reasoned with
I cannot be summarized
My structure cannot be measured conventionally
I am the force that goes bump in the night
I am physics quantum and subatomic
I am the greatest force in nature
What Am I? I am your end

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