What Am I?

I'm neither like you nor someone,
Complains and speaks for his mind,
Who's full of hate so troublesome,
But a family of purpose what am I?

All over the world I can be found,
Created of single tricolor up high,
Every country on earth I surmount,
With salutes and respect what am I?

I bother no one or anybody around,
So quiet at rest if weather is fine,
But hate darkness or water abound,
I shout but can't hear what am I?

A veteran of all wars for America,
Anywhere I always lead to strike,
With comrades all ready in replica,
For better or for worst what am I?

1996 critical year of my existence,
My lovers all around full of sigh,
Burn, abuse by hate of persistence,
Even the court cares not what am I?

by Gerardo C. Edra, Sr.

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