Missing You

Lost within my words, remembering why you left.
Rage burns in my heart for reasons I cannot confess.
Thoughts in my head circulating for answers.
Pain becoming stronger, spreading deep in my soul, like cancer.
Something I thought would last slipped through my hands.
Hurting you. Hurting me. Lies one cannot with stand.
Time slowly ticking away everyday I’m with out you.
Telling my self I’ll survive, but we both know that’s not true.
When the end is near, memories of how it began start to haunt you.
My heart beating, starting to realize the reality that you’re gone.
Hoping one day my love will return to her place in my heart
Going crazy! Leaving me when knowing I loved you from the start
I’m aching. Slowly disappearing in the dark.
The sight of you melts me into a puddle of nightmares.
Pretending my feelings have vanished. Can you read me that well?
Dark clouds creeping up my spine, slowly becoming tear tides.
Unanswered questions laying on my mind, ready to hear the truth.
Are you?

Curiosity will soon control your mind.
Wanting to know all the insanity that’s left undefined.
Happiness hiding in its corner, hoping its you that it finds.
Fear in your eyes, hiding who you really are.
Why so scared, we’ve come so far.
Taking chances is the only way you’ll find what you want.
It knows you live in the past, so its you that it haunts.
Learn how to let go, but who am I to talk.
Ever since you left, its you I’ve been missing.
My thoughts only of you, telling me not to, but I don’t listen.
Where do I go, when I’m without you?
What lies ahead, when I’m no longer with you?
For I am so sick of living this lie.
You are the one who makes me whole and alive.
Why shall I continue to live; now I’m dead.
NO! Tears are an emotion I refuse to shed.
But the feeling is so deep, my blood becoming cold.
Comeback. (I see you)
Hold me. (I need you)
Dying. (I breathe you)
Don’t make me let go, for I refuse to.
Seeing you in pain, for I didn’t mean to.
For I will give you my love with this heart of mine.
NO! No more lies, with out you I’m not doing fine.
The want for you. (So strong)
The want for me, is it so wrong?
Missing you. (Missing You! !)
Are you?

by Lost Soul

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What Am I, After All? - - Kind of an egomaniac? ? I imagine him sitting in a room pronouncing his name, accentuating pause at each syllable. No no, speaks more volumes about the writer than the poem itself. No offense, just what I gathered after 300 of his other poems, then this.