ML (07 March 1987 / Cape Town)

What Am I? (Sonnet #2)

What am I but a mangled freak?
A broken little nothing,
What am I but a mindless geek?
Trying to be something.

Is all of this just a little side show?
Another person's game,
Is all of this meant to make me grow?
Or simply stay the same.

WHy do I feel like a worn out joke?
A rag doll in the wind,
Why do I feel like I have broke?
A statue tinged...

Oh I have but one hope left,
Let it be my saving grace.

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And I am sure it will be Mathew, the inner voice of paranoia is strong in the first few verses but sense saw through. Life is a cabaret, it just depends on the part you choose to play. Good poem. Tai