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What Am I Supposed To Do

What am I supposed to do
Weep and grieve and pine for you?
If you no longer want me that's okay
With me you don't have to stay.

To you what am I supposed to say
When you threaten me in this way?
I will not fight him for to keep you
You decide between us two.

By saying happiness with him you'll find
'Twould seem that you've made up your mind
Him you can have since him you choose
For one to win one has to lose.

For you I won't shed many tears
Or at the pub weep in my beers
With the mates I'll talk football
Life must go on after all.

One day you may become his wife
And I wish you all of the best in life
Of late apart we've seemed to grow
A happier life with him you'll know.

I will not sit at home all night
Weeping by the fire grates flickering light
Thinking of a love I knew
One to me no longer true.

What am I supposed to do
Weep in bed all night for you?
No as per usual I'll sleep sound
One love lost by one by another found.

by Francis Duggan

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