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What Am I To Do?
CB Courtney Beaudry (11-4-93 / )

What Am I To Do?

How can I make amends?
What words do I have to send?
What display do I have to do
to show you how much I need you?
How much I love you?

Everyday it's getting worse
This agonizing hurt
I can't pull myself from the waters
that I am drowning in

I've forgotten how to breathe
I've forgotten how to see
I've forgotten all the things
that once made me me
Slowly it's erasing
all the things worth saving
All it leaves is this pain
Can i wash it with the rain?

i wish you were here with me
Why can't you see?
That i would do anything
Give everything
If only you would notice
How much I care
These feelings I do bare
But because you will never care
All I can do is grieve
Or fall and leave

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