What Am I To You

Poem By Ishan Chaitanya

What am I to you great city?
What new concoctions
In your boiling bloodstream
Take me to new highlights
In a night that lasts forever
And is so full of dark wonders
When I'm down and out of breath?
What am I to you when life's
Celebration's a dead end
in your secret alleys?
In your steaming arteries
What kind of force has come to be
The shelter of your hungry children?
You simply want me to give in to you.
You don't have an option
For me to resist
Your treacherous wisdom
And your beckoning grins.
But I win, O I win,
By a head's length I win,
When it comes to the question
I will make the right choice.
So free from your gentle
Tight grip and smoking love,
What am I to you
But a handful of memories?
That's the only thing
You can get from me,
The part of me you can touch
And relish in your lonely nights.
You taught me something I won't forget;
I wasn't made for this city life.
So goodbye; it was useful to know you,
Now let the distance come
And drown us in sweet separation;
A journey has ended. Another begins.

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