What? And, Why Is This Happening?

We are a part of this creation.
Envision yourself in the universe...
Above and looking down upon Earth.
Look around you.
We are part of this eclective consciousness,
That reigns for all eternity.
Supporting an animation of wonder.
With sights unseen our eyes would not believe.
Nor are we alone in it as inhabitants.
We treat 'ourselves' that way.
But we are not!
If all just stopped...
And thought about what we've got.
And from where it came.
We are just but specks to come and go as dust!
None of us can conceive the infinity of it,
As we sit in division within a molecule that spins!
That itself
so does within 'something' that encloses,
Us in darkness!
Who's womb is this?
We come to sit waiting to be delivered?
To bare more incarnations!
Like a cell inside us that dwells.
Continuing to evolve to become...
And, why is this happening?
To us and how?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (4)

LOLOLOLOL...stop it! Man, your comments are hilarious.
Who's (sic) womb, indeed? Your fans love you and your incoherence, Lawrence! Wonderful contents, right! I know a good instructor in syntax and grammar, old bean, perhaps she might be able to help?
Great piece of writing Lawrence, I really enjoyed reading this one, wonderful contents and a real pleasure to find. A thought provoking poem, with my sentiment also. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Who's womb is this? We come to sit waiting to be delivered? Very clever Lawrence, but then.. Perhaps what really matters in our here and now is what is on our inside Take care X Love duncan X