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What? Another Year! !
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What? Another Year! !

Poem By Damian Murphy

It is New Year's Eve,
it is hard to believe
it has come round so fast!
Where did the year go?
No one seems to know,
how quickly it passed!
We got through another one
and what is done is done;
we made memories to last.
Things we should not forget,
but why waste time on regret?
It now belongs in the past!

There is no better time than this
to get together and reminisce;
embrace the opportunity!
Time for a New Years Eve kiss,
to contact people you truly miss;
Sing Auld Lang Syne maybe.
Get together and celebrate
all the things that went great
and wonder at what might be.
A chance to seriously contemplate,
acknowledge and truly appreciate
your good friends and family.

Through all your trouble and strife
find the good things in your life
and concentrate on those.
Learn from any mistakes,
resolve to do what it takes
to make friends of foes.
Do not be afraid to forgive,
be much more positive;
Life's too short, God knows.
Whether woman or man
strive to be the best you can
as the year comes to a close.

For those you lost, shed a tear,
cherish those whom you hold dear;
love them with all your might.
For your sins seek absolution,
make a New Years resolution;
A great chance to make things right!
Decide what you want from next year,
face the future without fear;
a brand New Year is in sight!
Look forward don't look back
make sure you have Mighty Craic
on this New Years Eve night!

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