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What Are They?

What are they?

On the roads and roadsides
On pavements and asphalts
On wheelchairs and old carts
On corners with their cups
I see them thorn-rainbows.

Some call them thorn only
I stand and look deep
Poor and weak, very sick
Ignored Old, and hippies
These facts are too unseen
Since people are busy…
With work to practice:
'Yes Madam, ' or 'Yes Sir'
‘Nine to five' it can mean.

Work mules in office.

Some of them watch TV
Monkey-like they copy
The stars, celebrities
Then spend all income
Buying fashion and makeup.

What about these people?
Those on road whining, beg?

To me they are not thorn
Thorn loves the flowers
If they are mean to warn:
'Hey people be aware
This can be tomorrow
For any…
Extend hand in right time.'

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Comments (2)

profound words warning...great poem
a very truthful description of the modern world and the useless affairs of its men... neglecting a section of society....10