What Are ‘we ‘as Individuals?

Thoughts are alone heavers as our entity,
Transcending more to individual state,
Question emerges...
Why my creation and who my creator … what am I as an individual?
I perceive, touch, smell …
Holds ‘Appearance’ and ‘Personality’ soul words of individuality
My inner soul speaks thoughts to connect apt ways,
It sense me to divinity to unearth answers,
Calling him God, Allah, spirit, or the creator,
My life’s course finds a new application
I figure my presence with ‘expression of love
And a soothing vision to lead my individuality
I m happy to hold an answer in his presence
And to discover more about the unearth realities

We as ‘Individual’ are role-players of perfection…
To eradicate dirt our endeavor,
To disseminate happiness our venture,
To vigor our self from defeats our motive,
To attain a ‘known individuality’ our basis of creation,
To hold no dismay with existence,
Are all our prime hub.

by Richa Dhodi

Comments (4)

in life we all are single entity...question and its answer both there in the poem...good piece
Good philosophy, and you write beautifully, Best wishes, Tsira
Very good poem where the right questions are asked. The meaning of life is clear to one only by one's personal convictions but ultimately all quests are the same. Thanks.
Nice write..... what am I as an individual? its an ultimate quest.....good work Fahim