Quiddity Of Life

Quacking is not good always leave it,
Quack you have to leave in certain treat.
Quash those are bad always follow good,
Quirk is the mind, bring it to right mood.

Querulousness you ought not be, be peaceful,
Quell the anger, despair, vices and be cool.
Quest virtue, knowledge and truth,
Quench swindle and always have ruth.

Questionable person you ought not to be,
Query patiently what the life should be?
Queue you maintain it is good for all,
Quick progress you will get without fall.

Quavering of body will come within short time,
Quickly purify yourselves and don’t do crime.
Quest peace, bliss, charity, wisdom and love,
Quiddity of life is he who is a light in above.

Quicken your life skill in virtuous path,
Quietus is sure in life as there is birth.
Quiddity of life is to be nearer to God,
Quietly meditate him and do nod.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

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