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What Are You?
DS (20-6-1977 / Haldwani(U.P))

What Are You?

What Are You?

What are you?
My mind says you are an enigma.
No one can betray you.

What are you?
You are as soft as a flower.
No one can pluck you.

What are you?
You are a beauty of God.
Purity lies in your heart.

What are you?
You are an abode of kindness.
Innocence flows from you.

What are you?
You are an abstraction.
People think of your destruction.

What are you?
You are a reflection of God.
But you are being fraud.

You are hit and humiliated
by whom you are related.
You are toyed in love and cheated.
even when you are weighted.

I am pained to say so.
You are an Indian woman.

Dr..Mosam Sinha

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wowwwwwwwww accolades for the indian woman! ! ! !
A heart stirring poem… a tribute to Indian women, but all women can relate on this, with the truthfulness of the word that described what women in the eyes of men. (The usual reality) When I was still small, my mama told me that a lady can be described as a mango fruit on the tree… when a man passed by and saw it nice and have his thought that it is sweet and good, the man tried all of his capacity to get and eat it… upon getting it, may be in an easy way, or in many hard ways… he tested it and found the real taste, it is not really as what he has expected to be. For that certain reason, he forgot whatever struggles and hardships and trials he once faced just to get that mango fruit. Again find another, whom he supposed much better than the other. Painful indeed, but that is the truth… truly, males are born polygamous in general, except those who has learned to control themselves. The most insensitive people we will ever see, is from the males who didn’t come to learn to give importance with the word emotions… especially towards women.