What Are You?

Poem By Forget Me Not

You're a plant growing inside me,
growing fast and thick,
fed by desire and lust.
You're a bird flying through me,
flying light and easily,
lifted by fondness and care.

You're the sun shining on me,
shining strong and bright,
powered by happy and kind.
You're water flowing around me,
flowing and glistening,
but never quite touching,
only lapping the surface,
only splashing weakly on the edges.
aqua pools are there to be paddled in,
but aren't deep enough to submerge.

The liquid seems to slow down,
time seems to wait,
when I'm with you everything trys to stop,
as if there's no such thing as late.
It's time to dive,
into the choppy water and sharpened rocks,
I'll either cut my flesh or swim in the waves,
take a chance and hope the water notices and obliges,
and that I'm not left to drown.

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