What Are You Afraid Of?

It is believed that everybody is afraid of something
Even though we all pretend to be brave individuals
The category of fear varies from one person to another
All drivers are afraid of been involved in an accident
Many are afraid of not having sufficient money
All parents are afraid of their kids running away
Some are afraid of walking alone by night
Few are afraid of living near the sea
All politicians are afraid of losing the next election
Everybody is afraid of dying prematurely
Parents are afraid of teenage daughters getting pregnant
Used-car salesman is afraid of everybody buying new cars
What are you afraid of?
Are you afraid of loosing your job?
Are you afraid of not paying your mortgage?
Are you afraid of your wife sleeping with your best friend?
Or you are afraid of your wife running away?
Are you afraid of your husband becoming a gambler?
Or you are afraid of your husband leaving you?
Are you afraid of your kids doing drugs?
What is it you are really afraid of?
Are you afraid of sleeping with co-workers?
Are you afraid of your secret love affairs?
Are you afraid of traveling by air?
Are you afraid of been robbed at gun-point?
Or you are afraid of burglars in the neighborhood
Are you afraid of winning big lottery?
And becoming an instant millionaire?
Whatever may be your fears, just remember
That it is part of being human on earth

by Julius Babarinsa

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